Hello, welcome to our website.

Visit us for scuba diving and stay overnight for one or more days.
You dive with your own diving gear. We have limited renting equipment available.
If you need something, please tell us in advanced.
In the surrounding areas are several nice sweet water diving places you can visit.
All the dive sites are available for starting divers.
We plan your dives in advanced, due the permits you need.
From the dive site you pick, you become documentation and a dive briefing.
We have an L&W air compressor, we can fill your bottle up to 230 bar.
After diving you can rinse and dry your gear.
Have a drink at our “diversbar” and enjoy our delouses barbeque buffet.
In our bed & breakfast we have capacity for up to 10 people.
Breakfast included, optional are lunch & dinner or have a go for the “All Inn” stay.
€ 40,-  for one night a person ( 2 persons per room and a minimum of 2 nights)
During your stay you can follow one or more dive workshops.
Please contact us for more information or reservations.